Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council (PDCC) , organizer of the “Ilog Ko, Bilayen Tan Aroen Ko”, one of the highlights of the Pista’y Dayat celebration, invites all Pangasinenses to take part in its various activities.

Engr. Ruben Aquino, Project Development Officer IV, said that the series of activities will be conducted on April 30 starting from the Banca Parada or fluvial parade which will start from Sitio Bantayan in Pangapisan Norte here and will reach the finish line at the foot of the Bugallon bridge in Brgy. Banaga, Bugallon.

“We are inviting all city and municipal local government units, the national agencies, private companies, universities or colleges, and every Pangasinense to sponsor one motorized banca to make the event colorful and exciting,” Aquino said.

He also said that aside from the fluvial parade, on-the-spot painting and essay writing contests will be held simultaneously at the foot of the Banaga bridge with the theme, “Malinis ya Kailogan…Bilay na Karaklan.”

This, he said, is open to both high school and college students in Pangasinan who are inclined to express their talents thru creative arts with love of environment as their central theme.

Interested participants may contact Avenix Arenas at the PDCC Office, telephone no. 542-3347.

Big prizes await the winners.

Meanwhile, a Provincial Search Committee was earlier organized to conduct site inspection and validation of various rivers and riverbanks throughout the province from April 12 to 23 for the annual Search for Cleanest Rivers and Riverbanks.

Said program, which is on its second year, aims to increase awareness among the people on the importance of our river systems as source of livelihood for Pangasinenses.(PIO/Ruby R. Bernardino)

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