Monday, February 8, 2010

New wave of PhilHealth cards distribution

LINGAYEN--- As a continuing development thrust of the provincial government, Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr, has distributed anew some 2,724 Philhealth cards to new batch of enrollees in Asingan town recently following the distribution conducted in the towns of Manaoag and Urdaneta with 1,818 and 2,611 health insurance cards, respectively.

The new wave of distribution in the three towns now brings the total to 6,426 insurance cards already distributed for the month of January and a total of 9,369 new enrollees in addition to the 228,552 beneficiaries already enrolled last year.

In his speech to the Asingan townfolks, Gov. Espino reiterated his administration’s mission of making Pangasinan the best place to invest, work, live and raise a family even as he said that the provincial government is bent on helping the people of Pangasinan by providing health care to every poor family.

As he always stressed, the Governor said “It is our dream that the poor head of family in Pangasinan will no longer fear that he, or any member of his family, gets sick, fully confident of getting the best and adequate medical care in our provincial hospitals, through Philheath insurance.”

While the province pursues an aggressive public health program, Gov. Espino said that one plan of his administration on health care is to promote preventive medicine to strengthen the prevention of diseases and promote healthy lifestyles and good practices.

He noted that our hospitals have these catchment areas where there are public health doctors, nurses and sanitary inspectors who will attend to the needs of the people and likewise teach them good practices, sanitation and hygiene.

As this developed, Gov. Espino has instructed the chief of the Asingan Community Hospital, Dr. Alfredo Sy to prepare the requests for the needed equipment and other requirements necessary for the upgrading of the community hospital to Category II so that people in Asingan will no longer need to travel to nearby towns to avail of hospital treatment where an operation is needed especially the women who are giving birth by caesarian operation.

This he said coincides with one of our ultimate goals to make sure that no pregnant woman will be left to deliver her baby at home and all pregnant women receives competent care and attention in a government birthing facility.

Meanwhile, Gov. Espino said Pangasinan is set to receive an award this month from the Philippine Health Insurance with the province’s phenomenal performance in Philhealth sponsorship.

He said the award is another distinctive achievement of our province recognizing “our efforts for having the most number of indigent families enrolled to Philhealth making Pangasinan the number one province in the country with sponsored PhilHealth beneficiaries.” (PIO/Angie D. Villanueva)

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