Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pangasinan’s 14 Eco-Tourism Buses promote tourism, good governance and punctuality

Lingayen, PANGASINAN – A fleet of 14 eco-tourism and employees buses owned by the provincial government here are set to move around the province to promote Pangasinan’s tourist attractions, good governance and punctuality.

Six brand new buses and one coaster are intended for eco-tourism activities, while seven reconditioned buses will ferry employees to and from their work stations and residences.

The seven eco-tourism buses and coaster were turned over to the provincial government led by Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. by the Laguna-based bus manufacturer, Phil-Hino Corp., which supplies fleets of Farinas Lines and Santrans.

All the units sport a spanking color of golden yellow accentuated by metallic gold. The buses share the colors of all newly-refurbished and renovated buildings inside the capitol complex, including the ongoing renovation projects of the provincial government’s seven agriculture farm stations and 14 public hospitals.

The fleet will be made available to students, teachers, municipal officials, barangay leaders and other visitors down to the remotest barangays for “Lakbay Aral” trips (educational tours) to various eco-tourism destinations in Pangasinan.

The educational tour will start at the provincial capitol which showcases beautiful buildings, clean surroundings, Lingayen beach, and offices with efficient delivery of services and courteous employees.

“We will make Pangasinan a tourism area among ourselves first. I want Pangasinenses to rediscover and know more about Pangasinan. With these buses, we could bring people from east (Eastern Pangasinan) to the west (Western Pangasinan), from the center (Central Pangasinan) to the east and to the west,” Gov. Espino said in his press conference.

In another meeting with the media, the governor said that Pangasinan is such a big province with 2.6 million population, even as he noted that the Pangasineses alone are one such big tourism captive market.

In preparation for a massive tourism campaign, the provincial government has trained a group of 50 new tour guides for the capitol complex and other tourist destinations in Pangasinan.

Governor Espino believes that the Capitol building and its environs, which include the Maramba Boulevard, the World War II Memorial and the Lingayen Beach, will become the centerpiece of tourism in Pangasinan.

In his recent State-of-the-Province Address, the governor underscored that the tourism industry will become one of the top earners in the province.

Still being repainted, the second-hand buses for employees will be delivered in the last quarter of the year to provide comfortable rides for provincial government employees residing in various towns of Pangasinan.
The shuttle buses are expected to inspire employees, who will save on transportation costs, to be more punctual and work harder. (PIO

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